DRONE CONNEX is on a mission to CONNECT professional pilots, engineers, investors and the like in the growing commercial drone industry with individuals and businesses that are in need of unique aerial drone footage.  

Some of the many commercial applications that Drone Pilots, Photographers and Cinematographers are extremely useful and cost effective for are real estate aerials, land surveys, irrigation surveys, marketing films, artistic projects, special occasions, recreational activity documentation and so many more.

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If you are interested in hiring talent including: drone UAV UAS Pilots, Engineers, Editors, Program Designers, App Developers and more for various projects do contact us.  DRONE CONNEX uses it's unique algorithm to provide you with the best options for your project and in turn will provide you with the best options for hiring drone UAV professionals.

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Please start by registering with DRONE CONNEX below. We will verify your profile and add you to our global database.  Once we receive a position that is hiring near your location, we will connect you with the opportunity via email if you are a good fit! You can thank us later....

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