DRONE CONNEX is on a mission to CONNECT professional pilots, engineers, investors and the like in the growing commercial drone industry with individuals and businesses that are in need of unique aerial drone footage.  

Some of the many commercial applications that Drone Pilots, Photographers and Cinematographers are extremely useful and cost effective for are real estate aerials, land surveys, irrigation surveys, marketing films, artistic projects, special occasions, recreational activity documentation and so many more.

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If you are interested in hiring talent including: drone UAV UAS Pilots, Engineers, Editors, Program Designers, App Developers and more for various projects do contact us.  DRONE CONNEX uses it's unique algorithm to provide you with the best options for your project and in turn will provide you with the best options for hiring drone UAV professionals.

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For the Unmanned UAV DRONE Industry: Our roles are to connect professionals with jobs, market new technology and services and build project teams using our contact database

Opportunity to create new robotics technologies as the rapidly growing Unmanned Vehicle industry is implemented by the largest corporations around the world 

 -Helping to hire talent for unmanned robotics, let yourself be discovered, connect with the right professionals and turn your ideas into reality in the unmanned aircraft vehicle industry (UAV).

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DRONE CONNEX is shaping up the future of UAV technology, licensed Pilot sourcing and hiring.  If you wish to be part of the Radio Controlled, Unmanned Vehicle industry DRONE CONNEX wants to help you.  By visiting our UAV PROFESSIONALS page and inputting your information, we are able to begin connecting you with opportunities.

Our Services for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Drone industry professionals including: Pilots, Editors, Engineers, Software Developers, Designers, Investors, Creators, Free-lance, etc.

  • Connecting UAV professionals with paying jobs. Think of us as a global human resources and staffing agency.
  • Technology concept, start-up and product team building
  • Business generation for your small drone, UAV business



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Need to find qualified design engineers, software programmers, pilots, editors and more?

DRONE CONNEX empowers tech creators, investors, and businesses with talent sourcing for: UAV, Drone, Unmanned Robotics, and the Remote Control industry. Let DRONE CONNEX handle human resources for all your projects and visions!